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Mission Statement
The purpose of this web site was to show cool pictures of my miata projects and justify my digital cameras.

Seem,ed like a good idea 20-25 years ago!

Jeez, I did this stuff 20 tyears ago

-Custom Headlamps
-Timing Advance
-Trunk Light
-Timing Belt Pics
-Optima Battery picture
-Cheap suspension brace for my 90
-1990 bushing swap

Supercharger Topics
-Throttle Cable
-Idler Pulley Improvement
-Check valve for more Boost

-Idle Fix

Fixits on my Miata
Some idea that worked for me. No promises that they will work on your car.

-Twitchy Tach Cure
-Getting water out of rocker panels
-Broken Side Mirror (non-power)
-90-93 AFM repair

-Loctite Fix

Don't try this on your Miata
Here's how to break your car while working on it

-Bad AFM Removal


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