Jackson Racing Supercharger 

Securing The Throttle Cable

So I'm autocrossing my miata down the long straight at Bennet Kartway in Utica, Illnois. Suddenly the whine of the supercharger stops and I'm coasting. As the car slows, I can hear the engine idling, but my throttle pedal is slack. Uh oh.

We push my car off the course and I realize that the throttle cable has fallen off its mount. This is an awfully hard field fix. Luckily, I had some short wrenches in my emergency tool kit, so I was able to put it back w/o having to remove the air cleaner and all the ductwork in front of the supercharger.


At home, I discover that there is a metal bushing inside the rubber grommet.

This bushing limits the ability of the lock nuts to clamp the throttle cable in the mount. If the rubber shrinks, then the grommet will be loose in the clip.


I removed the clip from underneath
the supercharger and drilled two
holes in it. Then I bent some spring
wire as shown.


Here's the scheme. The wire
goes around the grommet and
into the two drill holes.

Here's a closeup of the assembly before 
it goes into the car. No way for that
cable to pop out now. The lock nuts
hold the wire down and also secure the
And this is the cable mounted in the car.
The Air Fuel Meter (AFM) was removed to 
access the cable. That's a heckuva a lot
of work, which is why I resolved to fix
this thing once and for all.

Boeing Aircraft would be proud of this,

A quick and dirty approach is just to use safety wire around the cable and the mounting
bolt above the clip, but this is more elegant.
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