My Version of the Miata.Net Do-ItYourself Subframe Brace

We're not doing anything new here. Mazda added these braces to the miata in later years.
Here's one on a 1994 miata. The braces stiffen chassis, reduce noise, and improve handling.
This sounds good. I wanted one for my 1990. It turns out that the holes are already there.

The plans from this came from the forum. Here's all it is.

  1. One 18" long piece of steel. Shape may vary. I used galvanized angle iron because
    I already had it. A piece of U-channel would be stronger.
  2. Two 5/16" diameter bolts.
  3. Two 5/16" nuts
  4. Four lock washers.

The angle iron needed to be cut to 18"
Then per the article, I drilled two 5/16" holes on 16 5/8 " centers.

In later years, Mazda welded in threaded bosses for the subframe brace. We have
to fish the bolts through the frame. A lock washer is needed on the bolt.


Here's the bolt poking out. Here's the bar getting attached. There's a second lock
;washer under the nut.

And we're all done. The next step is a brace for the rear.


April 5, 2002