I bought these horns on sale for $17.99. Their normal price is less
than $25 at most auto parts stores. 

Unlike some prefab kits for the miata, you have to do some extra work and get some more parts, but I think you can get a more reliable setup if you do your own wiring. 

 I needed:
- 7  female spade lugs.
- 1 male spade lug
- fuse holder and fuse
- a couple of nuts and bolts
- wire (and soldering tools)
- electrical tape, heat shrink tubing

Of course, I have all this stuff in my garage.

Here's the wiring plans. Notice that I use the relay that came with the kit. Some people just connect the  one side of the horn compressor to chassis ground and the other side to the existing horn connection. This will work, but the compressor won't get as much current
and the horns won't be as loud. Worse, in my opinion, is that the compressor takes far more current than the original miata buzz horn, and you may blow a fuse. On the miata, the rear tail lights and horn are on the same circuit. Blow the fuse - no horn, no tail lights. What about
using a bigger fuse? I don't think the wire to the horn is rated for 20 amps.

 PICTORIAL WIRING VIEW -Adapted from the back of the package 


 Get a piece of metal, and mount the relay and compressor on it. Wire it
up. I connected the ground wires to the bracket. The white wire has a male
spade lug on it that will plug into the horn connector. The 12 volts will
connect to the relay with a female spade connector.

OK, it's not pretty. I just grabbed some scrap metal and made a bracket
to hang the horns. You might find a nicer looking bracket at the hardware store.


Take out the old horn. Hang the compressor assembly on one side of the hood latch. Hang
the horns on the other side. Connect the air tubing. If you

Where did I get power? I found an unused slot in the fuse box on my '90.
A spade lug fit very securely. Note the inline fuse on the wire.

Finally, to make the job look professional and to protect the wiring, get some
plastic wire cover and wrap it over the exposed wires.

Here's a rare view of the horns from the rear, taken on a bad day for the White Ghost. Click on the photo for a larger view.

Click Here to hear these horns.

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