Nuts, I unscrewed the connector and busted my AFM?

Of the seven pins on the AFM connector:
-Two attach to a microswitch that is closed when the arm in the AFM swings. If the connector is moved, the switch may be positioned so it can't close,,
-Two have wires clipped to them and will be OK.
-Three were attached to a circuit board with metal tabs. You probably ripped them off.

Here's how to undo the damage to the three metal tabs you broke off. They are the three center pins in the connector. You should see pads on the ceramic circuit board where they were attached. Also make sure the microswitch contacts can close when the rotor turns.

Closer view of the switch and arm


The three connections that may need fixing

Use a soldering iron that fits. A pen type iron will fit in there easier than the old Weller gun.

If you can't solder, go find a electrically minded friend.

Note: I've not broken an AFM. The one in pictured this article was broken by a friend and he gave it to me.

Watch this AFM suck on You Tube!

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