Rev 1.0
February 13,1998


I chose the RDC2 camera mainly because it had a reputation for taking good close-up shots. It's used for my snowdome pages. I like the camera because it slips into my pocket or jacket, so I can take it anywhere. Since I also had a small 35 mm camera that I also liked to take everywhere, the portability was very important. Here's some sample shots.

Click on the pictures for the original Ricoh image.They have been recompiled into a more compact JPG format from the original Ricoh settings, but no color adjustments have been made, except where noted. Almost all are the original size.
He's everywhere. He's everywhere. So how does Santa know if you've been naughty or nice? He peeks! Carriage ride near Chicago's Loop. Taken about an hour before sunset in December. The RDC2 is OK in low light.
A colorless winter day. This is where the digital cameras lose detail. Just a few blocks from two of Chicago's best deep dish pizza restaurants, the curvature of the Ricoh wide angle is very apparent.
Available light shot of a skyscraper decked out for Xmas. Hand held, although I leaned against a wall. Source was resampled at .5X and color diddled. Chicago's trademark Water Tower. It's well lit at night, so this type of shot is not hard.
Close up shot of an old fashioned bulb. These shots are really easy to do.