Pentax M42 135mm f3.5  

I got this lens for $15 including shipping via Ebay. Serial Number 1743362

If starving artists today live in $1200/month lofts, own digital SLR's, and survive on 10 cent package of ramen noodles, then this might be a good lens for for a starving artist. Certainly inexpensive.

However, those hungry guys would have to work pretty hard to get some decent pictures with this lens. It is manual focus and exposure when used on a Pentax dSLR. I'm not not that hungry and have other lenses to fall back on. so I really haven't seen the results from this lens that other Pentax users feels should be the norm. I think it's an OK lens, a very good lens for 15 dollars, but not worth much more than that, when $50 can get you into an auto focus zoom.

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It works as an effective 200mm telephoto lens on the K100D, but I think better sharpness and detail can be improved.