Web Pics & Digital Camera Resolution

Here's pictures from six different cameras:

Ricoh RDC2E 768x576
Nikon CP900 1280x960
Nikon CP950 1600x1200
Minolta X50 2560x1920
Pentax K100D 3008x2000
Olympus E300 3264x2448.

Aside from purple fringing in the 4th sample, all but the 1st one, which was less than a megapixel,
look similar when shrunk down to a piddly 640x480 equivalent size.

Of course, they will be different if viewed on screen at full resolution.

under 1 Megapixel

1.2 Megapixels

2.0 Megapixels|

5.0 Megapixels

6.0 Megapixels

8 Megapixels